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since 12/05/2018

                                                          The main home page will be where a lot of the info will be. The HSA will also be sending weekly Sunday emails. The role of the HSA may be slightly different in the year to come, but we will continue to support our Mott Road family and friends as much as we can. Please update your child or children's information under your account profile as much as you can. For those families that had a child move up to a middle school, you can change their information to reflect what middle school they will be attending so you can get updated information from that FM School. Your HSA Account follows you to the next FM school. If you have forgotten your password, just reset your password or send an email to the website helpdesk.   

If you have any questions for the HSA please reach out by sending an email to FMmottroadhsa@gmail.com




Monday, October 26thSunday, November 8th

Shop our Fair   https://www.scholastic.com/bf/mottroadelementaryschool


One of our largest fundraising events is just around the corner, and this year, it’s virtual. There are a large variety of books from which you can choose from the comfort of your own home. All BOOK ONLY orders over $25 ship to you at home for free.

There are two ways to shop. You can search through books based on level, title, author, etc. Or, you can visit the Virtual Book Fair. You are able to “walk” through a book fair, browse the cases and pick books up to look at.

 Our children benefit from the book fair. In addition to the books you purchase at a more affordable price for home, our kids benefit from our Book Fair profits. The Mott Road HSA receives a % of sales as a voucher toward more books, other classroom instructional materials, or even furnishings such as bookcases.

Thank you for your support!!

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Wed, Dec 16, 2020
Start: 2:30 PM
School Entrance

 Mott Road HSA is again offering your children the opportunity to make homemade gifts for their loved ones at home this year.

Orders are to be turned in by December 11 and the make and take items are to be picked up on December 16th. An order form will be sent home. The flyer is also below for you to see what crafts available. 





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What is the MOTT ROAD HSA?

We are the Mott Road Home and School Association (HSA). We are like a PTA, but without fees, dues, or memberships. All Mott Road parents are invited and encouraged to be in the HSA. We love new volunteers, chairpeople, and board members! Anyone is welcome to come to the HSA meetings.                                             

Here’s what Mott Road School would NOT have if there was no HSA:

  • Fall and Spring After School Clubs
  • Author Visits
  • Movie Nights
  • Fall and Spring Book Fairs
  • Holiday Craft Day
  • Monthly Popcorn Days
  • Individual and Class Photos
  • Just for the Fun of It Day
  • Mott Road Mashers Fundraiser
  • Makers Space
  • Curriculum Nights
  • Activity Nights
  • Staff Appreciation LuncheonAnd the list goes on! 
  • We love to make the school a better place for the students, teachers, and staff. We are able to do this with the help from fundraisers that happen throughout the year (Save Around Books, Gertrude Hawke Chocolate, Yankee Candles, Book Fairs…).

If you have any questions please contact fmmottroadhsa@gmail.com.



FM Recycables

Donate your bottles & cans to

Mott Road HSA at FM Returnables in Manlius


Jennifer Van Valkenburg: Co-President    

Karrie Catalino: Co-President

Maria Besaw: Vice President   

Elizabeth Calnon: Co-Treasurer  

Sean Redmond: Co-Treasurer

Cristina Tom: Secretary

Kelly Harris: Board Administrator

Jamie Pienkowski: Board Administrator